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 Buying a book? We have 100s of stores, whether you're shopping for a textbook, books of fiction, a children's storybook, handbook, manual or classic literature, you'll find a bookstore that has what you want. From the most famous author to the smallest publishing company the Shop Locally directory has a great selection of books right here in the UK.

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Blackwells Online Bookshop UK
The Precinct Centre Oxford Road Manchester M1 6EY
T: 01612743331
Blackwell's Online Bookshop UK
Precinct Centre Oxford Road Manchester Lancashire M13 9RN
T: 0161-834 4019
Blackwells Online Bookshop UK
The Precinct Centre Oxford Rd Manchester M4 5AZ
T: 01612743331
Builder Engineer On-line
Portland Buildings 127 Portland Street Manchester M1 4PZ
T: 0161-236-2782
Ordnance Survey
Waterstones Booksellers Ltd 91 Deansgate Manchester M3 2BW
T: 01618322689
Ordnance Survey
91 Deansgate Manchester M3 2BW
T: 01618322689
Sharston Books A vast selection of out-of-print and current titles .
Unit 15 Wearlee Works Harling Road Sharston Manchester M22 4WT
T: 1619458604
Manchester Online
164 Deansgate Manchester M60 2RR
T: 01618327200
Newsco Insider
Boulton House 17-21 Chorlton Street Manchester M1 3HY
T: 01619079711
St Jerome Publishing
2 Maple Road West Manchester M23 9HH
T: 01619739856
Hammicks Legal
The Stock Exchange Building 4 Norfolk St Manchester M2 1DW
T: 0161 832 5557
Barton Square Manchester Lancashire M2 7LW
T: 0161-832 8530
P & J Books
441 Wilmslow Road Manchester Lancashire M20 4AN
T: 0161-445 4345
Ordnance Survey
Northern Assurance Building 9-21 Princess Street Manchester Lancashire M60 8AS
T: 0161-214 1158
Forbidden Planet
65 Oldham Street Manchester Lancashire M1 1JR
T: 0161-839 4777
Ian Allan Group
5 Gateway House Piccadilly South Manchester Lancashire M1 2GH
T: 0161-237 9840
Islamic Book Club
255 Wilmslow Road Manchester Lancashire M14 5LW
T: 0161-249 0202
John Smith Son Booksellers
399-401 Oxford Road Manchester Lancashire M13 9BL
T: 0161-273 6799
Sunday sport the no1 celebrity porn british newspaper online
19 Great Ancoats Street Manchester M60 4BT
T: 01612364466

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